Leaving Kent State

Harvard Square Editions
Release Date: November 11, 2016
ISBN: 978-1-941861-24-0
Trade paperback and eBook formats
340 pages, $22.95

Available through Ingram, Baker, & Taylor
Brodart, Amazon, & bookstores everywhere

Seventeen-year-old Rachel Morelli has been living for the day her next door neighbor returns from Vietnam. Evan will know how to talk her dad into letting her go to Pratt University to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. But when Evan comes home injured, losing all of his dreams to become a musician, Rachel is on her own to find a way out of her small town and her dad’s plan to make her go to Kent State University.

Throughout the harsh winter of 1970, Rachel’s world spins ever further off its axis, as she and Kent are on a collision course with history. Determined to find a way out of town for herself—and some peace for Evan—Rachel challenges the establishment in her own, unique way. Caught up in the May 4, 1970, shootings at KSU where National Guard troops opened fire on unarmed students, Rachel is forced to forge her own destiny in ways she’d never imagined.

Advance praise for Leaving Kent State:

“The simmering love of Rachel, a budding artist, for Evan, a maimed Vietnam vet, explodes beneath the thunderclouds of political tumult and student rebellion. You savor every sentence, but, knowing where it’s heading, you can’t turn the pages fast enough. Kent State is a spot-on historical drama and one visceral, thrilling debut!” ~
Tony Abbott, award-winning author of Firegirl and The Postcard.

“LEAVING KENT STATE does what excellent historical fiction is supposed to do–it breathes life into an era. Through the eyes of its young protagonist, this well-researched novel recreates the tensions in Kent, Ohio during the Vietnam War years and the tragedy that resulted. Readers will love Sabrina Fedel’s masterfully drawn characters, her compelling plot, and her rich prose. This is the debut novel of a sensitive and accomplished writer.” ~ Patricia Harrison Easton, author of seven books, five of them for young people, including the Beverly Cleary Children’s Choice Award winning DAVEY’S BLUE-EYED FROG.

“A poignant and gripping tale of a young girl’s love for a Vietnam Vet played out against state-side resistance to an immoral war. The ensuing violence on a college campus is conveyed with stunning historical accuracy.” ~ Pat Lowery Collins, acclaimed author of The Fattening Hut and Hidden Voices

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