Mother’s Day 2017


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Our children take us places we can’t envision when they are a bundle of cells commingling with our own. When we feel them kick inside of us for the first time, we think only of the wonder of life, so … Continue reading

New Event

I’ll be signing books at the Kent State University bookstore on Thursday, May 4th, from 10:00-11:00, as part of the annual KSU memorial ceremony. The campus bookstore will be carrying Leaving Kent State, so you can stop by and pick up a copy there if you don’t make it to the signing. I will sign all the copies they have in stock before I leave!

KSU now has a small museum open to the public in Taylor Hall that is really interesting, so don’t forget to stop there if you will be on campus. They have some interesting photos of Kent and the era, as well as a short video on the tragedy. Also, for you super history buffs, there is an online oral history project that you can access online. It’s a fascinating look at the day from various perspectives and is available here.

Thanks for your interest in Leaving Kent State and happy reading!

The Art of Radical Acceptance


Radical acceptance is the psychological term for learning to live with sorrow we cannot change. It’s not a new concept, and it’s only slightly less trite, perhaps, than the famous 1970s prayer asking for the courage to change that which … Continue reading

Teen Librarian Toolbox


I am guest blogging today and tomorrow over at Teen Librarian Toolbox. It’s a great resource, not only for teen librarians but also for anyone who loves YA literature. This year’s theme is social justice, so be sure to check out their many blog topics. Lots of interesting stuff to read, and in our current political landscape where the environment, civil rights, worker rights, and voting rights are all being assaulted, it’s more important than ever that YA lit leads the way for questioning teens.

Happy reading!

Calls for “Another Kent State”


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Last week, a Michigan GOP official made comments on twitter that called for “another Kent State” as a response to college protests at UC Berkeley. The protests were in opposition to a white nationalist and provocateur who had been invited … Continue reading

December Happenings

Hi Everyone!

We had a great book launch on the 10th! Thanks to everyone who came out to join us! I’ll be having another Amazon giveaway soon, so please watch for that.

Today, I have a poem up with Mothers Always Write and you can check it out here. I hope you enjoy it-if you have a daughter, you will understand where this poem came from.

I’ve just finished my fall semester at work, grades are in (I’m SO happy about that) and I will be spending the next two weeks getting some projects ready for submission. I hope that you’ll get to spend this holiday season doing some of the things that you love to do.

If you read Leaving Kent State and are so inclined, please leave a review for it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, the indie store where you bought it, or Goodreads. Reviews really help readers to decide to take a chance on an unfamiliar author, so leaving a review is a great way to let someone else find a book you’ve enjoyed.

If you’re ordering from an indie bookstore, you may want to mention that LKS is available through Baker & Taylor as well as Ingram. If your ordering site says temporarily out of stock, please go ahead and order, as my publisher is busy printing and will have them to you in the shake of a lamb’s tail (or two!) It shouldn’t take more than seven days to get it shipped out to you.

Stay warm!